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About Qarcyn

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 28, 2015, 2:42 PM

Qarcyn was originally created in July 2011, four years before Undertale was released, but his purple as a Pokemon-like character also serves a major purpose as an Undertale character as well.  With that, his present character is a lot different from when he was first created.

2011 Qarcyn

Qarcyn first appeared as a regular Happy Tree Friends adoptable in July 2011; he was just a Mudkip who as a HTF-Pokemon adoptable from jkcafe alongside Treecko, Torchic, and Poochyena.  This Mudkip has caught my eye right when this guy was available to adopt.  He has become a regular character of mine ever since I adopted him and gave him a nice unique spelling of an average boy's name, so Qarcyn was my perfect answer for the name.  Ladies and gentlemen, that's the origin of Qarcyn the Mudkip as a character.

Like I said, he was significantly different in personality from his present character.  He was originally just some college freshman living in Slateport City in the Hoenn region.  Like I said, his setting was much different because Undertale didn't exist yet the time I created him.  As mentioned in his old character bio from August 2011, he was into skateboarding, he was also skilled at surfing, snowboarding, skiing, and bicycling, he loved going to amusement parks, he hated going to church, and he had a colossal distrust with the elderly.

He initially wore a dark blue shirt with the number 258 written diagonally on it, a pair of beige cargo shorts, a brown leather belt with a gold Q buckle, and a pair of gray and blue Nike sneakers.

His friends were Aurora the Dragonair, Volcana the Typhlosion, Cody the Druddigon, Raymond the Eelektross, Lightning the Electabuzz, and Rusty the Chocolate Aggron.

2015 Qarcyn

Ever since Undertale was released, it was time for me to revive Qarcyn as a character after not drawing him for ages and re-use him as a Pokemon-like Undertale monster who is in a romantic relationship with Undyne, well at least I ship this cute couple in my headcannon.

His shirt, underwear, and shoes remain virtually the same in both his past and present characters, but the 258 on his shirt now spells as 25/8 and the Nike brand logo is no longer present on his shoes.

Anyhoo, the following paragraphs are what I describe Qarcyn now.

In terms of appearance, Qarcyn is a Mudkip-like humanoid creature with hair that resembles side-swepted fringes and matches his skin color, a fin-like protrusion on top of his head, a large tail fin, and star-shaped gills on his cheeks.  He wears a dark blue t-shirt with the white number "25/8" on it, a white long-sleeve shirt that is often worn under his dark blue tee, a pair of brown cargo pants/shorts, a black leather belt with a gold Q buckle, and a pair of gray and blue tennis shoes.  Under his cargo pants/shorts is usually either a pair of gray briefs with a black elastic waistband or a pair of gray boxer shorts.

His weapon is a spear that resemples the Greek letter Phi (Φ).  He uses this weapon for hunting and warcraft.  Happily, after he is done with his hunting, the Phi-like spearhead on his weapon can double as a grill to cook his goods on a campfire/bonfire.  His Phi Spear is not his only weapon, he has a secret second weapon on his belt.  The Q on his belt is more than just a buckle.  There's a button on the back of the buckle that can not only double the size of the Q buckle weapon, but the arm of the buckle elongates and sharpens into a sword.  It's surprising how an ordinary-looking belt buckle that resembles the letter Q can double as a pretty rad sword.

Qarcyn has the ability to temporarily evolve into his Marshtomp and Swampert forms.  Qarcyn's Marshtomp form is known as Qarcyn Delta (Qarcyn Δ; QΔ).  His Delta form barely looks any different from his default form other than the fact that he is slightly more muscluar and he is a Marshtomp.  This form is basically your friendly rival kind of sportsman; he uses this form mainly for athletic purposes.  Excercising?  Definitely!  Sports?  Absolutely!  Weightlifting?  Leave it to his Swampert form.  I have mentioned earlier that Qarcyn was good at skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, skiing, and bicycling, he's still has the skills and he will be using those skills when he's in his Marshtomp/Delta form

Qarcyn's Swampert form is known as Qarcyn Sigma (Qarcyn Σ; QΣ).  His Sigma form is a lot more muscular than his Delta form.  His Sigma form is a beefy Swampert who looks rough and tough on the outside, but soft and cuddly on the inside.  He uses this form to do super heavy duty tasks he couldn't normally do as his default form, like lifting heavy objects and structures, throw objects as far as possible, run at a much faster speed, and shattering boulders with just one quick punch.  However, his Sigma form may be super strong, but his strength in this form is not 100% perfect.  

In case his heavy duty tasks require even more strength, he reaches his maximum potential to the fullest by mega evolving into his Mega Swampert form, Qarcyn Omega (Qarcyn Ω; QΩ).  His Omega form can only be accessed when he's already in his Sigma form and he can only mega evolve into his Omega form exclusively for strength-worthy emergencies.

Qarcyn is described as a witty, ruthless, mischievous Mudkip with a lot of confidence and a little bit of cluelessness.  He is also a kindhearted and optimistic fellow, but nowhere near Papyrus's extent.  Despite his mild kindness, he is ruthless and brave enough to be part of the Royal Guard.  Interestingly, he is the disciplined captain of the Pokemon Unit of the guard as well as vice captian of the entire guard.  Cody, Lightning, Raymond, and Rusty are still Qarcyn's friends, but they're all now Pokemon-like monsters who are part of the Royal Guard's Pokemon Unit.

Qarcyn has romantic feelings with Undyne and vice versa because not only are they both captain and co-captain, they are also boyfriend and girlfriend.  Both Qarcyn and Undyne has a lot of other things in common as reasons for their lovely relationship.  Both of them have unique-looking names, they are both aquatic in appearance, they both have blue skin, they both have oddly-colored eyes (Qarcyn's are orange and Undyne's are yellow), they both weild a spear-like weapon, they are (or have been) residents of Waterfall, and they both naturally possess Determination, which is extremely rare for monsters like them.

Speaking of determination, Qarcyn has a fourth form that he uses in the Genocide route after he was killed and reborn as a gray, white, and red ghost-like monster with giant green ecto wings and sharp triangular fangs protruding down from his mouth.  Since his rebirth, Qarcyn is now known as Qarcyn Zhevere (Qarcyn Ж; QЖ) in his default Mudkip form.  Zhever is a portmanteau of "Zhe" and "severe".  While his water-type forms from the Neutral/Pacifist route have Greek letters after their name, the ghost-type forms from the Genocide route have Cyrillic letters after their name.  He also has ghost versions of his Marshtomp, Swampert, and Mega Swampert forms, but they're currently unknown because he was re-killed immediately after rebirth, so they're not present at the moment.


So, what do you think?  Any thoughts in regards of this passage about Qarcyn the Mudkip himself?  Did I make a good Mudkip monster character or what?


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